Kids trip to the Nairobi National Park

Written by HHFL Tiny Tots Teacher Zilpa

The visit to the Nairobi National Park on Saturday 21st July 2012 remains an unforgettable event to the little HHFL kids.

This trip happened courtesy of our English class volunteer, Marian, who decided to give a treat to our kids and get them exposed to the world around them and more importantly, build in them the importance of wildlife conservation.

News of the trip had way before created a feeling of anxiety to the kids, each having great anticipation of learning and fun from it. We left the project at 9 am and were under the abled guidance of our tour driver and guide.

Inside the park, we were treated with a good live view of game such as the giraffes, lions, gazelles among others. Some of the kids were so scared for their lives imagining the possibility of the King of the Jungle breaking loose and attacking them from the bus. Others were screaming at the top of their voices which caused some of the animals to go back into their hiding. At the end, we were treated with refreshments and headed back to Lenana.

The entire tour was an eye opener to many and so much fun to all of us. We are very grateful to Marian for her kindness.

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