It's Christmas time at HHFL!

Celebrating the holidays

Christmas is around the corner and we are having a blast preparing for the holidays! Usually we do not celebrate very much but this year, for the first time ever, Mama Hanne bought us a Christmas tree and the children have been busy making decorations to make it look more beautiful!

All the children are coming together to make the decorations.  Mama Hanne taught us how to make some basic ornaments and we were all very excited to learn from her.  We used paper and cut them into different shapes and coloured both sides of the paper. We then stuck shiny material on the paper and hung the decorated shapes on the tree. Wow, the end result was so beautiful and everyone was amazed at the work we had done. Below, on the left, is a picture of us decorating the tree.

We also created a nativity. This is something that we have never heard of. But due to the presence of our dear, loving and innovative mother Hanne, we were able to come up with the amazing feature. She told us lots of information about it. We created it to prepare for the birth of Baby Jesus. It has made our compound very beautiful and we wish to thank our proactive Mother Hanne, Father Ted and all the donors who have contributed to our progress.

We also have a new music teacher who volunteered to teach us Christmas songs. The songs are easy to learn and the children are excited to sing them during the closing ceremony! I think our life is being made better and better as the days go by and we cordially and abundantly thank our donors for their involvement in our lives!!!!!

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