Introducing evening studies at HHFL

Written by Michael Habib Mkanda

With the concept that diligent work goes a long way in positioning one to achieve their destiny, we started the after- school program to help teach the kids the place of diligent work in a person’s life. The program runs after school each day for 3 hours from Monday to Friday and the students will seat an assessment test on Saturdays to weigh their progress. Having started yesterday the kids are really enthusiastic about the program and yesterday’s classes were a success thanks to the kids and Teacher Duncan for his assistance.

We are also thankful to the rest of the staff for agreeing to work with us in our schedule. Most importantly I would like to thank Mother Hanne and Father Ted for the opportunity to undertake this program with the kids and facilitating it.We hope that it will bring a positive change in the pupils’ academic performance and even life. Also Computer Literacy classes are an important part of the program and they are mandatory.We hope the program will be a success and we pray for the best.


Hanne and I are very impressed with the good work that Michael is doing with the children. About 3 weeks ago, Michael appeared in our compound to volunteer. He is a top graduate of Lenana Boys School, a top ranked national school located within a 1/4 mile of our project. He is now enrolled in Nairobi University and intent on a law degree. I have gotten to know and admire Michael’s people skills, smarts and social conscience. I have spent several hours engaged in conversation with him and have watched how Michael interacts with our youth. He is selfless and inspirational. The kids are very eager and willing to spend 3 hours after school each day working on their syllabus subjects under his guidance. Michael thoroughly enjoys it too. It’s a win win !!


Michael leading a Class 7 group in Swahili

Grade 8 students working on a map quiz under the supervision of Teacher Duncan

Teachers Susan and Ngina working with the class 5 and 6.

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