Humanitas Afrika’s Visit Motivate Our Young Artists

Humanitas Afrika’s Visit Motivate Our Young Artists

Written by Isaiah, HHFL IT, Communications and Admin Manager

On the morning of 8th Dec, we had the pleasure and privilege of hosting Daniel Kivairo, a representative from Humanitas Afrika in Czech.

Daniel happens to be a Kenyan by birth and has settled/worked in the Czech Republic. He has been the contact person for our organization for some years now.

Daniel visited us in 2014 while we were in the old home before we relocated. This was therefore his first visit in our ‘new home’. Daniel came along with his family and two friends, and they all were very impressed with the amount of work we have been doing with the children.

During the tour around the various sections of the yard, our guests commended the children’s discipline, order and cleanliness; especially with the level of neatness in the boys’ and girls’ hostels where the kids manage the rooms’ sanitation, the very organized computer room and the kitchen. Daniel also made an observation that the current yard is more neat and more quiet with a friendlier neighbourhood than our old home.

They particularly got carried away by the kids talent in art and craft from all the pieces of art that we showcased.

So much so, that one of the paintings done by Samuel Mumo of an African swing was purchased by the visitors! I call it an African swing, and as Daniel could recall from his childhood days, the kids look out for the tallest tree in the bush and hang two ropes tied to two ends of a strong stick where they can sit on and be pushed to and fro in the air.

Mumo had made the paint with keen attention to bring out an African bush contrast. The painting was sold for USD $100 which will be used to buy more art materials and incentivize the young HHFL artists to know that they can earn a living out of their talents!

This was a wonderful visit that got the kids becoming a bit more familiar with their special Czech friends!

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