Samson Makau

Samson Makau

Key Statistics

Name: Samson Makau
Age: 19
Dream Diploma: Food Production
Dream College: Amboseli College
Duration: 2.5 years
Cost per year: $2,000

"I dream of becoming a successful chef!"

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Samson, tell us a little bit about yourself!

“I live with my parents. After losing his gardening job in 2007, my father John started volunteering at HHFL in exchange for food. Soon after, he started working as a janitor, kitchen assistant and boys hostel father. HHF has given my whole family, including my older sister, Emily, who just finished University, a chance to better our lives! I enjoy interacting with the other kids and playing football. I tend to be quite timid and shy but I have lots of good friends. At present, I am looking for a job as I wait to do what I’ve always aspired to do – cook!”

What does going to College or University mean to you?

“There are too many needy children in Kenya who don’t get the opportunity to go to College and pick up marketable skills that can help them kick start a productive career. I feel like College is critical to open a person’s employment options. To me, College means that my chances of achieving life success increases by the hundreds!”

What inspired you to choose your dream career path?

“The tourism industry in Kenya is one of the strongest in the world with many hotels, lodges, safari camps and restaurants. I am inspired by the opportunities in my country to work in the kitchen as the best chef. My dream is to become successful enough that I can bring Kenyan food to the plates of people around the world!”

Why do you deserve this opportunity?

“HHF has given me so much. I feel as though I have turned into a very strong, focused and capable person because of this support. I deserve this opportunity so I can continue building on the work that has been done to make myself and HHF proud. I don’t want my journey to end before reaching the last step! I promise to be a good role model and always give back to the project that has given so much to me. “

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would you choose and why?

“I would love to walk in Chef Ali’s shoes for a day because he is my role model. He is known as the youngest successful chef in Kenya and began earning his pocket money by taking orders for birthday cakes from his primary school mates, friends and neighbours! I admire his confidence and aspire to be a professional chef like him one day.”

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