Magdaline Nzisa

Magdaline Nzisa

Key Statistics

Name: Magdaline Nzisa
Age: 19
Dream Diploma: Nursing
Dream University: Thika Medical College
Duration: 3 years
Cost per year: $3,200

"I dream of becoming a nurse!"

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Magdaline, tell us a little bit about yourself!

“I grew up in Lenana slum with my family. My parents couldn’t afford school fees growing up so I was very grateful when HHFL came into my life so that I could finish high school. Among all of my peers at HHFL, I’m known as being the quiet but bold one. I like to be very active and participate in many of the games held within HHFL. More than that, I love to sing and have a particular interest in different fabrics and sewing.”

What does going to College or University mean to you?

“I believe that College will provide me with the appropriate tools that I will need to lead an independent life in the future and a career that I will enjoy doing – that is, helping those who suffer from poor health and disease – a healthy life stems from a healthy mind and body!”

What inspired you to choose your dream career path?

“I am inspired to pursue nursing because I think that good health is such an important aspect in the success and development of a person. I am meant to care for those in need. In my country, particularly in the provinces, there is such a need for good nurses who can help those who are suffering. I would like to contribute to bettering their health.”

Why do you deserve this opportunity?

“I feel blessed to have received a good education because of the support from HHF and all the wonderful donors around the world. I have always felt a desire and passion to ‘go good’ in this world. I care about people and want to contribute to making their lives better, just as HHF has done for me. I feel I deserve this opportunity because I want the chance to positively influence my Kenya’s people.”

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would you choose and why?

“If I could walk in anyone’s shoes, it would be Dr. James Gichuru’s, because he has spread so much awareness on the important of a good health to so many people. Whenever I see his advertisements on the television, I am motivated and inspired to become successful enough in this field that I am able to change the number of deaths in Kenya.”

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