Carol Najore

Carol Najore

Key Statistics

Name: Carol Najore
Age: 20
Dream Diploma: Human Resources
Dream University: Amboseli College
Duration: 2.5 years
Cost per year: $3,000

"I dream of becoming a human resources professional!"

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Carol, tell us a little bit about yourself!

“I am a bright and social girl with hardworking and caring parents who struggle every day to make ends meet. I can be a little reserved and shy at times but HHFL has really helped me to come out of my shell and become a good student. In my free time, you’ll find me playing badminton and table tennis!”

What does going to College or University mean to you?

“Going to college is important to me because it will allow me to attain my career goals and prove to myself and others that I am capable. With a combination of hard work and a positive attitude, I know that a college degree will help me to succeed and become independent.”

What inspired you to choose your dream career path?

“I like to think of myself as someone who is very perceptive – I feel like I am able to read people easily and know their strengths and weaknesses so naturally human resource management has been something that I’ve been very interested to learn more about. I have listened to the experiences of my peers who are in that field and I feel that with my level of interest and commitment, this is truly something I can excel in and enjoy.”

Why do you deserve this opportunity?

“I believe I deserve the opportunity to go to College to study human resource management because I know that it will be a career that will make me the most happy and successful. When I do become successful, I would like to use my newly acquired skills to guide my community and nurture the passion of Kenya’s youth.

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would you choose and why?

“I would choose Robert Njogu who is a human resource manager at Kencall EPZ Ltd. I would want to walk in his shoes for a day because I would like to know more about how he has come to be an assertive, brave, and passionate leader. I would use that knowledge to work on my own development, particularly my level of confidence, so I can succeed in my own career!”

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