HHFL's 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Written by Lilley Salmon

Today at the Hanne Howard Fund there was an Easter egg hunt! Hanne, my mother Lynda, Marcy, Mamas Margaret and Brian, Baba John, Eric and I ushered all the children into their rooms and closed the windows and doors. We then hid lots of chocolates, eggs, lollipops and sweets all over the project. When we had finished the children rushed out of their dormitories and ran frantically around the project searching for the candy and eggs. Every time an egg or candy was found an exclamation of happiness or scream of delight was heard. Mamas Margaret and Brian, and Baba John were following the children with a basket where the sweets had to be placed. When all the candies and eggs were found, each child could pick one lollipop, one chocolate, and a few candies from the baskets. The eggs will be saved for tomorrow when the children can cook them any way they like.

It was a great day that everyone enjoyed and that ended with new shoes and clothes, which my mother and I brought from the International Community School of Zurich!

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