HHFL's 1st ever Career Day inspire career paths

On April 21st, we hosted HHFL’s first ever Career Day with resounding success. We invited leading personalities from various employment sectors to come and talk about their respective professions including banking, hospitality, tour guiding and beauty.

Here are some excerpts from the children sharing the day’s impact:

“Career Day opened my eyes to new possibilities I never even knew existed.  Hearing Mr. Mwazighe, I&M Bank’s Karen Branch Manager, speak to us about Banking as a career inspired me so much that I decided to pursue a career in Banking Finance. This year, I was accepted to attend Kenya’s leading Finance University, the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.” – Mike Bundi

 “Career Day brought clarity into my mind after struggling to figure out what to do after graduating high school.  Hearing the representative of Amboseli College explain what a career in hospitality and tourism meant was a revelation to me.  We knew practically nothing about the possibilities a career like this entails.  We did not even know what the word “hospitality” meant.  We thought it related to hospitals, which was cause for much laughter!” – Alice Adhiambo

“Because my schooling started so late, I didn’t do very well which made it impossible for me to attend high school.  At first, I thought my life was over. But after much counseling at HHFL, I came to realize that there was hope and many things I could do.   I joined HHFL’s computer certificate course and through this I learned that I am actually a good leader and administrator.  This gave me lots of confidence.  At Career Day, I heard what the ladies from Ashley’s Beauty School had to say. I was inspired and decided this was a career for me.  I enrolled in a 6-month program at Ashley’s and I love my courses.  Marketing is the most difficult course as we have to find our own customers. I am dreaming of having my own salon one day! – Lydiah Waikiru

“The Career Day enabled us to change our mentality and understanding with respect to careers.  We learned that there exist many different careers that we can engage in.   Most disadvantaged kids in Kenya think that the only careers available are doctors and lawyers! – Bernadette Nafula, Form 2

“When I heard that I was not a candidate for high school, I thought my life was over.  I cried bitter tears, but then we received a visit from a car mechanic during Career Day and I realized that my tears were unnecessary. Today, I am very happy to be at Sagana Technical Institute with 6 other HHFL boys who were in the same position as me. I love working with car engines.  I am hoping to become the best car mechanic and make not only HHFL but also my grandmother very proud of me. – James Kamau  

 “A very important man from I&M Bank came and told us all about the storage of money in a bank.  He was very smartly dresses and spoke to us on how to keep our money in the bank.  We asked him many questions as most of us have never been inside a bank!”  – Dominic Sammy, Form 3 


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