HHFL Scouts Camping Experience at Rowallan

Written by the HHFL Mwamba Scouts troop with lots of respect

Jackson, our scout leader and the Kenya Scouting Association organised a three day leadership camp at Rowallan campsite in Nairobi. We learned PLC (patrol leadership course), TS (track signs), scout honour (religious aspects in scouting), and the role of the patrol leader in the community, and lastly on how to conserve the environment and nature.

On arrival that Friday morning, we took time settling into our four rented tents and after that, Jackson assigned duties to our three troops; Mt. Everest led by Wesley, Pacific by Mariam, and Jaguar by Moses. That Friday evening we started by group discussion on the expectations of a patrol leader in the community. We learned that a Patrol leader should be a good role model, and a responsible person.

Saturday was our long awaited day, since we were to have track sign activity, swimming, campfire and go to the caves. This made most of us spend sleepless nights just to see that Saturday. As we were doing track sign activity, we were surprised to see our beloved mama Hanne and Baba Ted in their strong and cool Land Rover and 28 of our colleagues from the project. Jovially our brothers and sisters from the project joined us, gave us regards from the rest who couldn’t attend and together we started the trail to the caves. We were an hour late due to a heavy rain that interrupted the morning programme.

The caves were far from the campsite and deep in the forest, so the game rangers had to accompany us in case of any attack. After thirty minutes of slippery walking we arrived at the cave entrance. It was unbelievable to see how narrow the entrance was. We crawled through the narrow entrance only to find it was so dark and full of bats that we had to use spotlights which most of us wondered how a normal person could use it during day time. According to the way the stones were arranged, the wide cave looked like a living room, and we were also informed that if we could have enough courage to go further we could also see a bedroom. We learned that it was among the caves that our freedom fighters used to hide as they fled from the British in their fight for freedom.

That afternoon we had a very nice time. Swimming and splashing with water. This was real fun. Some of the boys could go to the deep end, how we wish the swimming lessons could come to life again.

On our way home from the cave we collected lots of dry wood for our camp fire which was to be held that night. It buried our worries and troubles as we sang songs of joy.

Sunday was our last day, but we were yet to do one more activity, the environmental and nature conservation. We cleaned the campsite by collecting garbage all over, arranged the stones we used as chairs and the three cooking stones which is part of the African heritage. After this hard task that not many people love, we gathered together to do the scout honour. We encouraged each other, sang songs and meditated. By 12:00 noon we were all ready to take off for home.

Together we hold hands to say a big ASANTE SANA to those who made it possible for us!!

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