Brian Wechuli – Another Proof that HHFL Delivers

Brian Wechuli – Another Proof that HHFL Delivers

Written by Ted Horton, HHF Canada BOD chairperson

Many of you know Brian Wechuli, one of our proud success stories. 

Hanne and I had a good chat with Brian this week at Java. Java is a growing Kenyan- based coffee house chain.  Brian is married to Sandra with a 7 month old daughter Charlotte. Brian is the son of Mama Brian who is an HIV survivor. She was on death’s doorstep when Brian with his 2 younger brothers in tow arrived one day in 2006 at the project pleading for help for his mum. We took them all in and also looked after/supported his mama, who today is healthy and leading a “normal” life. 

Brian is actually 1 of 5 HHFL “kids” who work for Java, acquiring skills and saving money for higher education. Brian’s next rung up is an ass’t barisita. We met his manager that same day and she told us that he was definitely management material. Good stuff!

Fast forward, I stumbled across an old /worn HHFL pamphlet in my passport folder this morning. I carried it for the past 14 years to use it to explain to Kenyan Customs Officials what were we doing in Kenya/ why we were always loaded down with luggage for the project. and why we shouldn’t be asked to pay duty. I must say it worked over the years but I always dreaded the prospect of being fleeced at the border by these guys, and so Hanne took over that discussion and when she spoke of doing the Lord’s work, it became smooth sailing.

Brian in his younger years is in the back row 3rd from left. 

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