Bouncing balls!

The sixth of October was a day our children will never forget. Angela van de Burgt and her friends came again to visit us!
She is the representative of Wings of Support, a charity founded by KLM and Martinair who fund projects like ours.   HHFL is hoping to become part of the roster of charities funded by them.

Angela has become a personal friend to our children and whilst in Nairobi always comes for a visit laden with presents for them.

This time, she and her friends brought them inflatable balls with handles that the children can sit on and bounce around on. What a success these proved to be!  At first the children were unsure what to make of these strange, brightly-colored things with faces painted on them, but after Angela’s spirited demonstration there was no stopping them!  Within minutes the compound had turned into a battlefield.

What quickly became apparent was that there were not enough balls for the sixteen children and this clearly exposed them to the importance of learning the ‘art of sharing”.    Our children have grown up with the attitude of the ‘survival of the fittest’ a necessary tool to survive in the harsh environment they grow up in but one that we do not promote at HHFL.  This experience was golden as all of the sudden here they were being forced to take turns, watching and encouraging others taking part in the races and at the same time understanding that their turn would soon come.  This was definitely better than fighting for it!

It is situations like this that best teach the kids to learn how to live and work in a supportive community based on discipline, teamwork, sharing and mutual respect.

Thank you Angela and friends for caring.   Karibu! You are always welcome.

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