Back to school!

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Monday morning and all the students were finally prepared to return to their different schools. Mother Hanne and the staff had been a very busy time getting all the books, uniforms and supplies organized. Transport problems with the matatus on strike delayed the departure on Monday. On the second day (Tuesday), all of the students paraded with their uniforms and belongings. We took a group photo with the high school students in the morning because they were leaving for different schools located in diverse locations around the country. The primary school students from boarding school in Kilgoris Academy paraded in the afternoon with all their belongings, trunks, mattresses and their shopping. Daniel and Esther were very excited because they were joining boarding school in Kilgoris for the very first time. Daniel was running around very excited, just waiting for the departure for school.

During the day, they bound their new books bought by mother Hanne. All of them were very happy to go back but with something in their minds “Hard Work.” Everyone knows that good grades will mean more opportunity for a better future. Now we look forward to seeing them during the April holiday.

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