Art Education during the August holidays!

Our 2011 August holiday program was a huge pleasure as it gave both Ted and I not only reason to celebrate, but it also boosted our optimism. Self-reliance seems to finally be on the way!

Our Art Department run by Duncan invited “MASK” (The Mobile Art School of Kenya) to join forces and bring new ideas and concepts through a series of workshops led by John Githiri, a very talented fine Arts graduate of the University of Nairobi. All 130 children participated. The success, enthusiasm and new energy these workshops brought to the entire program were palpable in every single way.

The art activities included: oil painting, drawing, embroidery, paper work, dress making, coloring of fabric, batik and bead making. Dressmaking was a huge success and advice was given on such matters as coloring the background fabric, transferring a design, and how to use embroidery to hoop or frame. Kids also had fun learning how to do stage make-up in preparation for the catwalks where our young girls modeled their creations. Our bigger boys had fun building a huge “turtle litter bin” which now proudly graces our compound encouraging all to keep our home clean!

Word from Martin, head of our computer lab and computer teacher Susan is that the kids had a fantastic and very productive month as well. Arts and Crafts and Computers are the absolute preferred subjects of the HHFL kids. Aside from typing, which at my request, is compulsory on a daily basis the children (age dependent) started learning to work with photos, power points and film production. Cameras donated by Ted Friesen were in great demand! Apparently, some of the bigger kids demonstrated great talent in this new endeavor.

Catherine, our new Project Manager, told us about the “Banana Information Desk” that was created at her suggestion to collect data and information from the children. This turned into one of those big success stories creating additional buzz, motivation and inspiration in our young.

Here are excerpts of the interviews done by the “Banana Information Desk”:

“We were divided into groups named after fruits: Apple, Pears, Pineapple, Orange, Banana, and Watermelon. Each group was assigned a particular project but we all participated in all the projects. The Banana Group were given the task of gathering information. So we set up an information desk in one corner of our compound and we called it ‘The Banana Information Desk’. Our desk was open to all and we interviewed those who came to us”.

Maxwell Wachira (Pear) says about making a Football Money bank: “I like the idea of an improvised money bank because it encourages one to save and keep the money! “

Asha Kiza and Albanas Mbuvi (Mango) about paper beads making: “We learned a new skill to make beautiful objects for sale which we can be used to put up a business and employ many people “.

Paul Njoroge and Beatrice Wamaithat (Pineapple) about fabric work and design: “We learned that we all are good at different things. Some are good at tie and dye, others at cutting fabric and others in stitching and that is why it is good to work as a team in a group”.

James Okwemba (Watermelon) Artwork in warm and cool colors: “ The biggest challenge for me was getting to understand the effects and differentiating the many colors/shades. Shortage of materials was a challenge at times”.

Wesley Adori and James Okwemba (Orange) – Windows movie maker & Power Point Presentations – We loved learning and working with the Windows Movie Maker Program. We are working with existing HHFL photos to prepare a PowerPoint to present at Christmas. We are hoping to master this art to aid Mama Hanne in her fund raising efforts!

“The desk collected a lot of information which we handed over to Teacher Catherine. Our interviews showed that everyone had lots of fun, that everybody enjoyed all the activities and appreciated all the new things they learned and were exposed to. We are already looking forward to the Christmas holiday in anticipation to the new and creative new things awaiting us. We say kudos to all our teachers for making it interesting for us and to our benefactors for making it possible. Thank you to everyone for your participation and we wish you all a successful 3rd term!”

This is the reward! And it warms my heart, I hope it does yours! Hanne

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