All's well that ends well, digitally speaking! Computers are here!

We were anxious to get the news of their exact whereabouts. Our 10 desktop computers generously donated by our friends at DDB Canada had arrived in Kenya in the early Fall but then mysteriously went missing. Some detective work uncovered all of them in good working order. Today we are really happy to finally get the installation underway.

Access Kenya, our ISP provider is doing a site survey for what hopefully will become a dependable, if not speedy, internet connection.

Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) will provide the technical support and maintenance required to keep the computers up and running. Patrick and another qualified computer teacher are ready to get underway with kids once the installation is completed. The kids are excited!!

Here are some pictures taken today of Simon and Alex of CFSK working with Joseph and John our fundi (carpenter) to get the room wired. Dismas our graduate welder did a great job of building the new iron desks. Stay tuned, more pictures to come once the computer lab is up and running!

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