A documentary in the making…

Riyad, the Director, who is currently based in the UK, came out to Kenya last year to see our project. He was so inspired that he went home, assembled his film crew, raised the necessary funds and returned to Nairobi for a month to shoot a 1 hour documentary on Lenana and the project called “Kenya’s Path”.

We flew out of nearby Wilson airport late Wednesday afternoon this week in a Cessna 206 to do about a half hour of low level filming of the Lenana slum and our compound. A 3 man film crew, all graduates of the same film school in Australia, were on board with me and a pilot friend of mine.

The flight was a blast! The rear doors of the 206 were removed. Diego, the Brazilian cameraman, wearing a special safety harness shot some great footage as we orbited over the slum. The kids in the compound were ecstatic –waving wildly—jumping up and down— never seen anything like this! The afternoon light was perfect and our French pilot, himself an experienced photographer, banked the plane perfectly in repeated circles to enable Diego to do some great work.

Back on the ground, with this footage and lots of other stories captured and in the works, the finished product, after editing in Brazil, with sound track added, should be ready for release later this year.

Check out their progress on “Kenya’s Path” blog – http://kenyaspath.com/category/blog/. Exciting stuff!!

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