Cidella Booker








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What do I get with my sponsorship?

  • A fostering certificate
  • E-mails/pictures sent from Cidella 3x/year
  • E-mail access to Cidella or Skype call
  • Knowledge that you are changing a life!

Birthdate: May 29, 2008

Grade 5 at Greenwood Primary School, Nairobi-Kenya

Cidella lives with her mother, Lucy who is HHFL’s co-manager/accountant and has worked with HHFL since the beginning. Lucy is a single mother of two young children. Lucy was forced to leave her first partner in 2005 due to domestic violence. Her second partner abandoned her before the birth of Cidella.

Cidella is an outgoing, energetic and very active girl. She is a fast learner who emulates and mimics all the kids in the project. They treat her like a sister and help take care of her. She joined the Black Beauty Academy in 2011 where she excelled She is very good with languages, number work, computer, music, scouting and French. Cidella is the undisputed leader of her group!


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