Hospitality and plane engineer students seize every opportunity

Hospitality and plane engineer students seize every opportunity


This being my first year in Hospitality college at Nairobi Aviation College I have learnt a lot not only in academics but also social life skills.

In our class I have met people of different cultures and some from foreign countries, like Sudan and Tanzania). Through interactions with my classmates there some who acome from disadvantaged backgrounds like me and others are more privileged. After sharing stories with my college peers, I have come to realize that HHFL has given me a lot of opportunities such as career choices. I appreciate the great guidance in choosing this career. Thanks to Alexandra who took her time to guide us during her last visit. She helped us to realize our talents and passions.

The school exposes us to many opportunities and the first priorities are given to those who are disciplined. I am very happy to report that I was among the chosen 50 out of 417 students to go for outside catering in STATE HOUSE during the Presidential award ceremony. I wish to could have sent you photos serving the president and the ministers with cocktails but photo taking is prohibited for security purposes. That was a great moment!

I also got another chance to go for outside catering during the International Water Association conference at the Intercontinental Hotel. We were serving the guests with breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail. I learnt a lot and loved the experience!

Yours Truly, Brian


We take this great opportunity to unfold our progress. We are very happy to let you know that Nairobi Aviation is among the best colleges in aviation in Africa. This has boosted our confidence in this field.

We are enjoying great opportunities to interact with chief engineers and pilots during career talks organized by the school. It requires self-confidence and sacrifice to earn the title, Engineer. We are working very hard and smart because HHFL has provided us with all it takes to become successful in this world.

We had a great experience when we visited Tropic Air in Nanyuki and Wilson airport in Nairobi. This was very interesting and encouraging as we got to share a lot with the engineers. Most of the work we do is practical requiring much caution when repairing an aircraft because most parts are very delicate and expensive. We can now classify planes and engine types, as well as the different parts of a plane and their functions. This is exciting for us since now we can talk the same language with Baba Ted!

Currently, we are doing internal exams and we hope for the best. We are working towards the First Stage exam which will qualify us for an attachment for three months before resuming the second year.

We thank you for your continued support towards our education! We appreciate your effort and may God grant you a happy Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Gabriel and Samuel.

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