Youth Rally Camp

Life is sometimes full of surprises. We were surprised when we attended church on Sunday August 22nd. There was an expected youths rally. Kennedy, Mike, Brian, Alice and Dismas were all to attend it. We confronted the administration and they agreed to pay for all our expenses, now we were just eagerly waiting for the day to come so that we could leave.

On the final day (Wednesday), we prepared all our belongings and departed to the church to meet other members. We gathered, prayed and left for the journey at around 5.30pm. We arrived safe and sound and thanked the Almighty God for the wonderful Journey. We dined at a certain famous school called Ofafa Jericho High School, the venue of the rally.

Our first day (Thursday) was kind of boring because weren’t familiar with the environment but as the days progressed we socialized and made new friends thus boredom vanished. All the International Lutheran Church Branches attended the rally and made it successful for all the Lutheran Youths all over Kenya.

The Second and Third days  were very encouraging and fun, because we were entertained by some local gospel artists, we donated our lunch meals to a nearby children’s home and collected the garbage around the school. We also had games and attended crusades every evening to strengthen our hearts through trials and temptation.

Saturday was the best day of all the days of the entire rally because of the sports, inspirational lectures and of course the highlight of the day- Fashion Show Program! The show comprised of a catwalk, a talent search and fun entertainment. The good news is that our very own Dismas Owino won the Most Social Youth award of the rally. It was lots of fun where we met new friends and told them about our home and they promised to visit us soon.

Sunday arrived and we were ready to return home. We attended the morning mass where the highest priest of the Lutheran Church blessed the youth and wished all of them a precious time as they await next year’s rally which will be held at the coast. We returned home safe and sound once again and received lots of love from our brothers and sisters.

On conclusion, I’ll like to thank the administration for granting us the opportunity to attend the rally and much credit goes to you and Baba Teddy because we couldn’t have attended the rally without your consent.

Thank you so much & God bless your stay and everything you’re doing to better our lives.

Lots of Kisses & Huge Hugs

The Big Kids


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