Scrubbing In

Scrubbing In
Written by Cedric Odendo
I am very happy to report that I have been assigned to Kiambu Hospital for my second internship as a result of my excellent performance in class.  I was the second highest achieving student in a class of 20 students after receiving an A in two papers and A- in another two assignments.


My internship at Kiambu Hospital is not as challenging as my previous one (previously I was at the Kikuyu Hospital) because at this time around, I am used to everything that is happening in the wards and am able to successfully complete nursing procedures comfortably (e.g giving injections, dressing wounds and getting blood samples from patients for diagnosis).

At the end of this month I will be going back to Kikuyu Hospital for a month in the Orthopedic ward.  It is well known all over Kenya for its amazing work done by doctors and nurses and it makes Kikuyu Hospital one of the best and most prestigious hospitals in Kenya.


I want to thank everyone that is contributing to our learning here in Kenya.  If it wasn’t for your your support most of us would not have had the chance to get this far.  Thanks once again and God bless.

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