We're one happy family

Things come and things go however the coming of HHFL brought to us something that will for sure not go away. There is a prove for this by the look at the smiles in our faces. We never thought this will ever happen beyond our expectations.
It’s brilliant to have library and computers which are of great use to us. Visiting different places opens our minds and also makes us socialize with other people from different backgrounds and we learn from them. We have been changed physically and also emotionally which we have achieved through the games that we play. We have got lots materials to use and we have learnt new games from the people who visit us with a helping heart.

New activities have been introduced and this is giving us more energy. We are really privileged . You can imagine kids from the slum getting swimming lessons!, this activity keeps us motivated and eager to go for the next training session. Art has been there since the beginning, but now we have approached the sense with different style. MOBILE ART SCHOOL KENYA

. These guys are wonderful. We have been working with them after discovering how much potential they have their course is taken in schools, and they are helping the kids nature their talents, in the less fortune homes in Kenya. We really appreciate and we are happy of their encouraging teachers.

We would like to send our regards to those who give us a hand in this part of life we are in. We believe if it’s not through the support and encouragement we get from people out there and the love of God we would not have made it.
The picture above was taken during a Sunday day out at Uhuru Park Nairobi where the children not only enjoyed mixing with other people in a serene environment but also taking a ride in a boat at the small lake in the park. We are one happy family now.

With lots of appreciation



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