HHFL’s “Make It Beautiful” project

HHFL’s “Make It Beautiful” project

Written by Lucy and Isaiah, HHFL managers

Since the start of the long rains that set off in April, the HHFL family has been working hard to make aesthetic changes to our compound.

We are very lucky to be in a neighbourhood that is surrounded with lots of green cover.

But our challenge has been in maintaining a green compound with all the play that our kids go through on a normal day – ranging from athletics, basketball, badminton, soccer/football, among other vigorous sports that leave no chance for the grass or flowers to grow.

This time round we took the challenge on ourselves to try and restructure our compound so that we can have some area for playing, and leave organized patches where grass can be allowed to grow.

We are 4 months down the line, and we are very proud of the amount of discipline and care we have put to make the compound as beautiful as it is today.

A pic below will give a look of how the compound was before the beautification and now.

It has taken lots of sacrifice and love for nature to achieve this. Everyone has played part in the process. From transplanting grass out of the forest, bringing it here, going to the florists, planting, watering and trimming as well as painting the interior of the dining hall.

Every single member of the family feels a sense of ownership in the brand new look.

The rains fell short in the months of July and Aug, and the kids took turns to water the grass with wastewater from the kitchen, or laundry water after rinsing their clothes.

Our yard has grass patches that leave sufficient playing space that is cut out in the form of a shield, and we all work hard to protect the hard work that have been involved with this long.

A number of visitors who have come to our place in the recent months have been so amazed at just how much we have done in our little place.

We have planted new bright green flowers along the front fence that are growing very graciously. There is also three flowerpots for RED, YELLOW & PINK roses.

The pots are made out of carefully cut out vehicle tyres and we got them painted during our art class. We planted these for the memorial of our two late sisters, Mary Wachu and Ngina.

Sometimes we get very peaceful chameleons visiting the roses and finding a good shelter in them.

There two trees that we planted a few years ago in memorial of Grison and little Brian are standing tall in the compound – a reminder that we will always have them with us despite them having gone to rest.

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