Teaching Environmental Conservation through Documentaries

Written by Isaiah, HHFL’s computer teacher

One of our board members, Moyra Earnshaw has been of great help to our kids for quite some time now. Apart from initiating the healthy yoga classes every Saturday morning, kick-boxing classes and also conducting art classes, Moyra has yet another gem out of her purse for the kids: Environmental Conservation!!!!

It is perhaps because of her love for mother nature that Kenya has been blessed with that Moyra started sharing her wonderful documentary videos with the kids.

Every Saturday is a special day where the kids are treated with an episode of educative documentary inside the computer lab. Some of what we have seen includes “African Cats”, which presents animals of the wild. There is so much to be learned from their behavior – from the love and care of Mother cheetah to her cubs, to the team spirit of the hunting lionesses, to the greed for power on King Lion in the Maasai Mara and so much more. The documentary “Planet Earth” was another one that introduces another kind of world none of us has ever visited – the cold and hot deserts, the snow capped Himalayas and the ice-covered sea in the Antarctica.

“Dirt – The Movie” is a pure conservation documentary that explains the importance of taking care of dirt – our soil. The movie showcased taking care of the river sources, conserving our indigenous forests and doing the least we can to stop polluting the earth. This knowledge is very important to everyone and our kids are very lucky to have Moyra.

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