Simon’s origins as a shephard take a ‘fit’ turn

Simon’s origins as a shephard take a ‘fit’ turn

Written by Simon

In this world everything that survives must have its origin. To me it is unbelievable to reach where I am today. I never thought one day I would be this far – all the way from my origins as a shepherd in the countryside to the rough streets of Nairobi.  It was not easy. It was I and I alone. I had no one to depend on but I never lost hope in life because I believed in God’s will that one day one time things would come to change.

I joined HHFL in 2008. I was welcomed with happiness where I felt at home and I became an active member of the family. This is the place where I belong and I have known as my second home.

HHFL sent me back to school after spending six years out of school due to lack of fees. I graduated from high school last year 2012, which to me was a miracle. I never thought one day I would go back school and graduate.

After school, HHFL gave me the chance to join a Kenyan fitness college, where I am pursuing a 6 month Diploma in fitness and nutrition. This is my passion. I have spent a lot of time training the HHFL kids on weekends and during school holidays and this has inspired so much. I will do my best to be the best that I can be. I will be a good example to my young brothers and sisters in the HHFL family.

As I study, I will still be doing a lot of exercise with the kids even after I graduate from my college at the end of September. I cannot wait to see myself as a prominent fitness manager somewhere in Nairobi or anywhere God will take me.

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