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Each year we have been having kids finish different levels of their education as required by the Kenyan education system. In the current system which was unveiled in 1985, the 8-4-4 system requires a student to spend 8 years in primary school, four years in high school and another 4 years in university. However due to the economic status of the country, a lot of young Kenyans end their learning after high school, and another large number can only afford vocational training which takes at most 3years.


This year, 5 of our kids have successfully completed primary school. They are Asha Kiza, Patricia Wanjiru, Bonny Opiyo, Leonard Juma and Sheldrick Akabunga. The nationwide examinations took place from the 4th – 6th November 2014. A lot has been done by all the parties involved i.e. the kids, teachers, parents and HHFL as the donor. The kids have gone through ample preparation throughout the year. We have been closely following the progress of the kids by making regular visits toThe St. Nicholas school and attending parents’ meetings in which we would have in-depth reports on how the kids are doing and share with the rest on how best to help the kids reach to their dreams. We have provided all the prerequisites beginning with stationery, counseling, diets, medical care and extra-curricular activities that in one big basket have contributed to their readiness to tackle their exams.

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Here at the HHFL, we had seen the need to support the kids with extra evening tuition to help them with personal studies. The kids were always present and eager to learn. And talking of evening tuition, a lot of kids here in the slums do not have that ‘luxury’. They are either bombarded with household chores, discouraged by lack of care from the families or do not even have electricity in their houses. Our kids embraced this opportunity and we can say it has helped them in a great way. We agreed on a regular timetable which was followed by all and the computer teacher would avail himself for the class between 7pm-9pm.


They presented 5 examination subjects – Mathematics, English (Grammar and Composition/essays), Swahili (grammar & composition), Science and Social Studies & Religious Education.  They are now going to take a break and wait for the results to be released in the last week of December this year. This will be followed by the selection process in January 2015 to which the candidates will be posted to different high schools which will be determined by their performance and the choices they made before presenting the exams.


We also have 7 kids who sat for their end of high school national exams (Kenya Certificate of Secondary School). These are Wesley Adori, Charles Muia, Stephen Muasya, Esther Nunga, Caroline Wambui, Bernadette Nafula and Philomena Waithera. They too have been prepared well for their exams although much of the work had to be done by their schools. All but Steve (who is a day student) attend boarding schools in different parts of the country and we got time with them during the school breaks. We have kept regular contact with the schools as well as attending meetings. We ensured that they are supplied with all they required. We look forward to colorful performances when the results are released in March 2015 from whence they can make choices for their post-secondary education.

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“I know that I am going to pass because all the preparation I have been doing are not all going to be in vain.” – Patricia

“There was one thing that helped me get through school and that is the support I received from Alexandra, Mama Hanne and Baba Ted as well as all the staff members.  They all gave me the strength and motivation and now I have completed my primary education. I am now a grown up and want to join a high school which will give me a good education and make me pursue my dreams” – Sheldrick


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