Samuel and Gabriel: Aviation technology dreams fly high

Written by Samuel and Gabriel, HHFL’s Aeronautical Engineer students

Among our top achievers, three of our boys dared to study aeronautical engineering after completing high school, and out of the passion we could identify in them, we have been giving them all the necessary back up they need during their studies.

This is perhaps a dream that was inspired by their closeness with HHF co-founder, Baba Ted a.k.a Papa Tango and his Cessna 182.

Samuel and Gabriel were the two pioneers in studying this course and a year later, Hillary joined them.

The boys have been so enthusiastic about aviation technology and they have been in class as well as a number of internships at the Tropic Air in Nanyuki and at Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

Here, Samuel and Gabriel who are receiving post-studies training at Tropic Air where they took their internships, are happy to share their most recent experiences:


“School work is the backbone of my dream career but is strongly affirmed by the technical or the working experience in the field.

I can stretch it out in great confidence that through Tropic Air – Nanyuki I have acquired very useful exposure to the aircraft operations and maintenance.

Mr. Patrick and his team of technicians are the people who have taken me to these heights. This encounter has enabled me to maintain both engines and airframes on a series of aircrafts such as Cessna, Pipers ,Waco, Cheetah and helicopters such as Squirrels and MDs.

It’s the best field for me to be in but there is always some challenges like any other industry with low chances of employment.

Nonetheless, I am hoping to be a great and reliable engineer and I will always be grateful for the opportunity HHF afforded me.”


“Coming to Tropic Air was the best decision I have ever made in my life because I have learnt so much here.

I keep in touch with guys from my class who went to attachment in other companies and I can tell I’m way ahead of them.

Here, I have exposure to engine and some of the most delicate parts of aircraft of which other companies would not allow a student to participate in.

We have friendly engineers with wide knowledge and kind heart who have been good teachers to me.

Amos, our hangar manager who is expert in gas turbine engines is one of them. Brian Mathenge and JJ have also been of help in my studies since I’m going to sit for my exams at the end of 2017.

The biggest challenge we face is securing a permanent job here but we (me and Samuel) have been sending our CVs to Wilson Airport and other aviation related companies and our hopes are so high!”

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