Robert/Mohammed's New Teeth

We are often vividly reminded of how fortunate we are to be helping young people like Robert and what a difference our help can make.

Robert came into our life at HHFL following the post election violence of 2007-08. His mother, sister and siblings had been burned out of their shack in Kibera, a major slum in Nairobi, and we first encountered them in an IDP camp.

We learned that Robert was a special needs child but not going to school. He was gentle but quiet and withdrawn. He was also in constant pain because of a mouth full of rotting teeth. We addressed that issue as soon as we could but only recently found some additional funds to get Robert some new teeth. We thought you might enjoy this touching letter we recently received from Robert’s sister, Mariam.

“Jambo mama Hanne

Mama I am writing on behalf of my brother Mohammed to thank you very much for agreeing to pay for his dentist. He has now started his clinic, soon he is going to get new teeth. He is crying tears of joy because he will have a new set of teeth. We all are more than happy to hear this for he will no longer cover his mouth any more when he is laughing how about that.

He says he does not have words to express how he feels and he can never be able to repay you back but the only thing he can do is to work hard in school and behave well in school and in the project.

This holiday he also went to a place called kakamenga that is in the western province for the marathon and he won.  I am very proud of my brother even though my fellow students thinks he is not fun to be with, I don’t think of him that way and I am so glad to be his sister and I always encourage him no matter how people think of him he should always remember that we love him so much.

Yours, Mariam Midiva

We now send Robert to a special needs school. This wonderful young man, in addition to being a strong runner is also very talented with his hands. He and we all have reason to smile as we watch him grow and prosper. In the picture above, Robert is third from the left.


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