Over the Tides and Ebbs – Faith’s Journey of Resilience

Over the Tides and Ebbs – Faith’s Journey of Resilience

Written by Faith Wanja – HHFL’s Alumnus

My name is Faith Wanja, a mother of two boys – Denzel and Bogdan. My journey with HHFL has been full of surprises and I am grateful for each step of the way when I look back at the far I have come.

After losing my sales job at Mkopa solar, I have been on a job hunt for the last three years with no success though I never gave up on searching for opportunities. For a while now, I have been surviving on casual jobs such as being a caddy at Karen country club and doing laundry for people so that I can be able to feed, cloth and shelter my kids.

I talked with friends in my network so that they can alert me on any upcoming vacancies. HHFL has been with me all this difficult time and even now they are with me to know my work progress. The Covid19 pandemic found me in my jobless state, and I fell sick with pneumonia. HHFL was around me making sure that I never lack and that the kids are well. I went through the treatment and I am grateful to Mama Hanne, Baba Ted, Lucy and Tr. Isaiah for always being there with me and checking out on me.

Luck came my way through a friend of mine. He owns a company that deals with cooking gas cylinders in Kenya. They had a job opportunity for customer care representatives so when I crossed his mind he sent me the link and advised to apply even though it was way past the company deadline. He scheduled for me me an interview, which I attended with no delay for the hunger that I had to nail the job. I got to the interview room and did my best to sell myself and showcase what I posses relating to customer service. As it happens with the end of many other interviews, I was informed to wait for a call me to confirm if I had qualified.

It was on a Monday 26th of October when I received a call from the company requesting me to report to work soonest possible. That is how I got myself into this new phase of my life.

I am now am working with a busy domestic cooking gas distributor and my roll is receiving inbound, making outbound and placing order for the retailers. I am on my 3 months probation and I will be signing my contract by January 2021.

My eldest son Denzel is back in school. He is in grade 4 waiting to do his national exam and I am grateful to HHFL for supporting me with his schooling.  As for Bogdan I have a sister who came to the rescue since I was struggling to find someone who would baby sit him, she came in and now she stays with him till in the evening until Denzel comes from school. She also helps Denzel with schoolwork and cooks for the kids before she leaves.

For the next 6 months I hope that I will have grown and become a leader or a supervisor in my team. I have always believed I was born with these qualities.

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