Our Rover Scout Visitors From Canada

Written by Sam Mumo, one of HHFL’s young scouts

On Sunday 15th August we had some wonderful Rover scouts from Canada who came to the project in the morning. When they arrived we were ready to meet with them.

They were happy as we met one another.

They said that our country is a wonderful country. We discussed more about our country and their country. They were five of them (three girls and two guys). So we divided the HHFL kids into five groups. Every group had one of them. Teacher Duncan told us to discuss with them freely. We asked them lots of questions. Every group chose one person to take the visitor to his/her home. In our group, I was chosen to take our visitor to our home. Her name was Angel.  She was a beautiful, kind and a nice lady.

She told us about trip camps in Canada. She also told us more about foods, animals in Canada and snow. She told us that in Canada they can go to camps during winter season and they enjoy very much playing in the snow. They also taught us some games and scout songs. We also taught them new songs and games. We ate lunch and we had fun together. I liked the day. I hope that we will meet other scouts like them. We enjoyed each other very much and also we would like to meet them again.  Thank you for visiting us!


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