Our growing scout troop with drama added

The HHF Lenana scout programme is in its second year and running smoothly. Our recent investiture ceremony brings our troop size to 36 scouts with 29 of them fully invested and 19 in full scout uniform.

During the ceremony, the scouts affirm the scout promise and recite the scout law. Then they are given lessons in what is expected of them as scouts. The scout leaders who are carrying out the investiture do this, and they must not include the leader who has been training the scouts. This is so that the scouts who are unfit to be invested may be identified.

After this is done, the new scouts are awarded certificates. The scout leaders then take time to entertain the new scouts with the help of the already invested scouts that may be present. Finally, the new recruits are declared scouts and they immediately gain permission to wear the scout uniform. They have the scarves and the world badge put on them and they can then join the others.

The Dagoretti Division leaders who carried out the investiture in April at our compound were really impressed by our troop, especially their ability to conduct themselves even without their leader in command.

Out of the hundreds of scout troops in Nairobi, our troop is 1 of 10 troops to be invited to participate in a field trip this summer to Namanga, Kenya to compile a report and make recommendations on the desperate conditions that exist there. This report will form part of a presentation at next years world Rover Moot in Nairobi. While the Moot is for Rover scouts aged 18-26, our troop will be represented as a team or contingent. I feel we should be proud of ourselves!

The drama team, aka the HHF “Parrots”, has also not been resting on its laurels. They have performances under their belts that many could only describe as out of this world. In April, the Parrots put together a string of performances that left most people awed. One of the most notable was “The Cake” a narrative about engaging in extra and pre-marital sex. The drama activities of our scout troop also puts it a good position to be among the entertainers at the Moot. This will be a plus not just for us but also for the local scout association.

With these achievements and more, we can then only look forward to even brighter days ahead. It is with much appreciation to our donors( without whose financial support all this would not have been possible) that the kids and I compile this report.

Petre Muchene, Scout Leader and Drama Teacher.

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