Our Eyes On The Flying Colours!

Our Eyes On The Flying Colours!

Written by Leah and MIchelle, HHFL Grade 8 students

Hello world! We are very excited to bring you to speed on what we are doing this year with our books, and where our dreams are driving us.

We are now in our final year in primary school and it has been a very beautiful journey under the wings of HHFL. We will sit for our national exams in November. Although the exam is expected to be tough and tricky, we believe in ourselves.

Our dream is to be admitted to Starehe Girls’ Centre. Teacher Isaiah has been telling us a lot of good things about it and we have also Googled to learn more about the school and also see some of their pictures.

Both of us hope to attain straight A’s in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE. The results must be out before we celebrate Christmas.

HHFL has helped us to get the application forms that we have completed and returned back to the school.

Our teachers are working very hard to help us sit for the national exams. They also bring us past papers to revise. Apart from that, they give us pieces of good advice. Teachers help us in our daily revision like helping us understand the tricks applied in examination questions. We are sure as death that their efforts will bear fruits.

On the other hand, we are also doing our part by reading and working smart. As our teachers always tell us ‘The biggest room is for improvement’.

We believe that in any difficulty in our lives there is always a solution and that is in any subject or particular thing that we do not understand in our studies, with effort and God everything is possible.

For me, Leah, I would like to become a doctor because I love science and hoping that I will work at a good hospital, earn a good income that will help me give something back to Mama Hanne, Baba Ted, HHFL and my mum for what that they have done in my life. I cannot wait for that one day when I will be called “Doctor Leah”.

As for me Michelle, I want to pursue my dream of becoming an accountant because I like Mathematics and I can be trusted. I would like to work in a bank and serve people from all parts of the world.

Earning a good salary will help me give back to Hanne Howard Fund organization and also cater for my parents!

We hope to write back to you with good news soon! Thank you to all for staying close to us and helping with our big dreams!

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