Our 10 Newly Donated HP Laptops!

Written by Isaiah, HHFL IT and Admin

thumbnail-5On the morning of 21st November, 2016, we received 10 new HP laptops from Tim & Cheryl Andreasen who are from Georgia, US.

They have been our friends since June when Cheryl followed us online from an interest in supporting a charity along Ngong Road. Cheryl had visited us during summer and she could not hesitate to share with her hubby the fantastic news of what we do with the children here in Nairobi.

Tim works for the IT department of their organization while Cheryl is a junior grade teacher for a mixed race school in Georgia and we had mentioned my intention of upgrading the computer lab – HHFL’s major challenge having been where to source for machines.

They so kindly delivered 10 fully serviced laptops together with their security locks. On top of that, the machines will be protected by antivirus security module that will be annually renewed from their credit card. It makes us very happy as the current machines have been becoming unreliable and almost being phased out.

We have been using Pentium IV machines with max 1GB RAM and 80GB Hard Drive. The specs for the new machines is Core I5 (about 5 times faster processing speed), 4GB RAM and 250 GB Hard Drive. They are also loaded with Windows 10, the latest operating system.

These paired with the other 2 machines that our directors (Hanne and Ted) brought as well as those brought by Jennifer from Dubai will give us a very good start for us to be up to speed with the modern world.

This is our happiness, to know that now our children can get quality service inside the computer room, which is a very vital integral part of our extra curricular programme.

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