Michelle Scores Full 4-Year Scholarship to Starehe Girls School

Michelle Scores Full 4-Year Scholarship to Starehe Girls School

Written by Michelle Adhiambo, HHFL Grade 8 graduate

My journey through primary school has been a long struggle in order to complete primary school.

Books have been my friends ever since I started Pre School in Hanne Howard Fund. Our preschool in HHFL was known as Tiny Tots back in the day. It was fun drawing and colouring pictures.

Tiny Tots is where I learnt how to count, write and read. The teachings and advice from my Tiny Tots teachers are still in my mind. Good morals and principles were also instilled in me when I was young by these same teachers.

I never thought that I would ever complete grade eight. I counted the days since grade 1 until I got tired. I watched as my friends from the upper classes completed their eighth grade and I was asking myself when my time would come!

Eventually time flew faster than I thought. As I now find myself actually finishing grade 8, I realize how hard it is to achieve excellence. My final primary year has been more tiresome than the other years. This is because we studied for more hours than the other classes. We rarely had time to play and rest.

I recently sat for and completed the exams for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education so that can join Form 1 (or Grade 9) next year. The national exams were fair and I am very proud of the marks I got: 396 out of 500!

The most exciting news is that I have been chosen to one of the best girls school in the country, Starehe Girls’ School. This is my dream! This made me the happiest girl in the world. And not only did I get in, but they gave me a full 4 years scholarship! I never thought this would happen to me!

A Starehe Girls’ scholarship means a lot to me. Now I can sit in class without the worries of being sent back home because of school fee arrears. I am very happy to know that I will complete my secondary education without any problems at Starehe Girls’.

I really do appreciate the scholarship because many students want these chances but do not get them. I know I’ve worked really hard and I am proud to earn it. I will make sure that I make everyone proud who has been with me through my education.

I give huge credit to everyone who has taken part in my education throughout the years. They include Mama Hanne and Baba Ted, Sylvia Walker, Eleanne van Vliet, Judith and Ponder Harrison. They have really put in so much money and effort to cater for my primary school needs. Thank you with all my heart! I promise to make you proud!

Thank you HHFL and all the donors around the world for making us happy.

Love, Michelle

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