Mary Wairimu Awarded Media Science Scholarship

Mary Wairimu Awarded Media Science Scholarship

Written by Mary Wairimu, HHFL University student

Five years ago was when I first joined this lovable big family of HHFL. I was just a timid little girl but deep within me, I still had the fire burning in my belly which was, for excellence – the best and nothing less.

I had a dream and the determination to make it a reality but if it were not for Hama Hanne, Baba Ted, the donors and the entire HHFL fraternity who have stood by me financially, emotionally and morally, I couldn’t have had my dream coming to what it is now.

I retract back to when I was just starting off my education. I aspired to be a media person and partake in journalism and writing. This path absolutely fascinated me.

I remember I used to bump into any piece of writing like news papers, articles, novels, little story books and just reading them made me realize more and more that journalism was definitely my path.

In my high school education, I did my best through the four years to ensure that I totally aced all my exams. Getting straight A’s was always my delight. Also, while in high school, I was the secretary of the journalism club at Chania Girls High School.

I did my final national exam and to my happiness, I managed to score great grades in all the eight subjects and overly had an impressive grade.

This automatically gave me the golden chance to enroll in a National University and to add onto the blessing, I am partly sponsored by the government in the scholarship all bright students are afforded.

The Government will be paying a big part of my university school fees and expenses. The best part of all this is that I have been placed in my dream university and most of all my dream courses!!

I was awarded a slot at Moi University, one of Nairobi’s best, to pursue a degree in media science. This degree is a basket of journalism and mass media.

I am to join the University on August 27th this year and finally make my dream true, making my HHFL family proud.

I am really grateful to this HHFL family that has guided me through to my career with love, discipline, hard work and the virtue of team work.

Thank you all. I love you all.

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