Local Community Steps Up and Steps In

Local Community Steps Up and Steps In

Written by Lucy Nyambura, HHFL Operations Manager

Ever since we began our operations in 2006, the entire budget has been funded from our network of donors spread across Canada and North America, Europe and the Middle East.

We have enjoyed random local support especially with food stuffs for our children’s nutrition, but this is the 1st time ever we received local funding to educate our children.

In July this year(2019) we received an invitation to apply for funding from the Karen Country Club following a charity golf tournament that they held at the club. This was through Hanne and Ted, our founders, who also happen to be members of the country club. We did the paperwork that was required and crossed our fingers for the response.

Fate was good to us, and later on that month, we got informed that we had qualified for some funding to cater for fees for two of our students.

This is indeed a milestone we want to proudly share with our entire community both online and offline. It is a step in the right direction, and a very promising indication that local people too care, and are doing something for the betterment of the universe in supporting needy children.

We are not the only organization that benefited from the proceedings, and for this reason we recognize the role played by the country club in helping us reach our mandate of educating orphaned and vulnerable children from the Lenana slums here in Nairobi, and in so doing lift them above abject poverty.

It is a commendable response on the ground, and we hope to have more local individual and corporate involvement with our work. We welcome well wishers who are ready to believe in our dream to join hands with us in furthering our will to transform and empower Kenyan youth with quality education

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