Laptops level the playing field for post-secondary students

Laptops level the playing field for post-secondary students

Two of four donated laptops were recently awarded by Mama Hanne and BabaTed to three students who need them the most – John Mutahi who is studying design at University and Samuel/Brian who attend the Nairobi Aviation College.

As you can imagine, the level of excitement and joy was overwhelming.  The door of possibility has further opened for these youth with access to the world with the click of a finger!

The laptops were donated by generous friends via our newly formed 501(c)3 charitable entity in the United States called Friends of HHF US.  Thank you!

We are on the hunt for more laptops for the remaining post-secondary students so if you have any kicking around that you’d like to donate to the kids, please let us know – they will be cherished more than you know.

Note from John Mutahi

“I cannot find the right words to express what I am feeling. It’s such an honour to be blessed with a personal computer. I am so grateful to Friends of HHF US for making it possible for me to have a personal computer.

Now my studies will be enhanced in a positive way. It will be easier for me to access the internet and get more information on this digital world. It’s such a great opportunity to have this personal computer, I will be able to save my design work and also learn more on design software. This coming semester we will dealing more on computer work, the personal computer is such a grate opportunity for me to practice more on what we will be learning. This is wonderful stepping stone for me in this great journey to success. I appreciate your support and I will make something good out of this chance. Deep down in my heart, I am so grateful!” 

Note from Samuel Kinyanjui and Gabriel Lando

“This is a very great moment for us as we express much gratitude to Friends of HHF US. They have offered us with laptops which have placed us in a position to access the internet for the studies.

We have been having a great problem accessing the internet but now we are privileged to have them! Studying without further research is sometimes not promising for good results at the end of the day. 

We studied last year with lots of difficulties in completing the school work as well as homework on research. We have been performing well despite the difficulty but we feel more empowered with the laptops and expect better results!

Thank you once again for putting smiles on our faces.”

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