HHFL's Art Exhibition

Written by HHFL Art Club

April holiday was a wonderful experience for all of us who participated in the Art and Crafts class. John Githiri, the Arts and crafts teacher from Mobile Art School of Kenya came to teach us. Together with our own Arts teacher, Duncan, we were taught many new things.

We were separated into groups and had different projects. One of the projects was about the history of ancient Egypt. The teacher told us to look for the story of ancient Egypt in the internet, and we were all excited, thanks to our new computers! We looked up for pictures of pyramids which we were to build. Then we built a pyramid with some pieces of wood, paper, glue, and we painted it. We learnt about the ancient Egyptians.

Another group did a project called ‘SHOES EVERYWHERE’. They made different kind of shoes using paper, plastic bottles and paints. We learnt how people use shoes to go to different places and where they go; they meet other people, make friends, and interact with each other.

We also did many paintings. And the most interesting one was where some people in the group were told to beat a drum, and the others were drawing the sounds which the drums were producing! It was so challenging but was fun and more fun! The other paintings were abstract, where we were told to paint from our imagination and explain what these drawings were.

Our Art teacher told us that we were going to have an exhibition. The exhibition day was wonderful; we had many stands and everyone displayed their work! Other HHFL groups, namely the Bead work, Scout, and Music joined the Art class to exhibit their wares! Some parents came, and also neighbours and passersby. All the kids went round viewing the things and
listened to explanations from those who were displaying.

What a wonderful experience it was! We all look forward to the next holiday and a wonderful time and hope to learn new things each time!

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