HHFL’s 2011 Christmas Pageant Spectacle!

Hello everyone!

After several weeks of editing with our fabulous videographer, James Muriuki, we are excited to finally share with you a slightly condensed version of HHFL’s 2011 Christmas pageant spectacle which took place on December 23th at the HHFL compound.

The play was created by both my Mum (Hanne) and the kids. It was performed in front of our teachers, staff, friends, families and local supporters. Everyone had a blast. The kids made all their own costumes and Mum did a magnificent job in her Directorial debut 🙂  She only had two weeks to organize and direct 130 kids! Piece of cake, right?

Check it out – you won’t be disappointed. It really is a wonderful affirmation of our collective efforts and sets a brilliant tone for 2012. There is so much to celebrate and be proud of.

Enjoy, Alexandra

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