Our kids stay fit with an ingenious homemade gym!

Written by Kennedy Otieno

Since Rama, our beloved ‘keep fit’ teacher came to volunteer at HHFL our lives haven’t been the same! Keep fit is compulsory for all of us, even for the tiny tots and we all love it.

The most exciting thing that has happened recently is the building of our own homemade gym! When Rama shared with us this ingenious idea, we went into overdrive to make it happen. The smaller kids went into the slum to collect all kinds of discarded tins and cans. The older kids, with wheelbarrow in hand, went to buy concrete and sand, after which Rama taught us how to prepare the cement and convert all this stuff into beautiful dumbbells. The result was amazing! We made dumbbells of different sizes and weights. The very little kids have their very own and look ever so cute when practicing with them. We were very proud of our achievement. Since then our keep fit lessons have not been the same, they have become a thrilling experience!!!!!

Presently we are working on punching bags made from donated left over canvas, which we sew together and stuff with left over materials donated by a close by upholstery shop. We are hoping to complete these before the start of the August holiday.

To make things even more exciting, Rama just announced that he is including kickboxing in the holiday program. A dream come true for some of us and we are itching for it to begin. Thank you Rama for caring and adding so much to our lives. You are an inspiration to all of us!

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