Dr. Tom Musili and Moyra Earnshaw join the HHFL family

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Tom Musili and Moyra Earnshaw to the HHFL Board of Directors in Nairobi.

Tom is the Founder and Chair of Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK). He brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience in the business and educational sectors to HHFL.

Tom has been instrumental in helping HHFL set up its very impressive computer lab and helping HHFL provide education that delivers employable skills.

Moyra is a dynamic, multi talented artist and all round “spiritual” soul. Her esprit de corps is infectious. The kids love her art classes and yoga to music sessions, not to mention the zumba lessons, kick boxing and English instruction Moyra has been instrumental in organizing through her large network of friends.

Both Tom and Moyra add real value to HHFL, and all of us, including the HHFL staff and kids are very thankful for their contributions.

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