Congratulations to HHFL’s thirteen high school graduates!

Congratulations to HHFL’s thirteen high school graduates!

Written by Albanus Mbuvi, an HHFL high school graduate

Happy New Year! Receive warm greetings from this year’s thirteen high school graduates! We cannot believe this accomplishment as many of us could only dream of getting this far.

My name is Albanus Mbuvi and am so happy to have completed my high school education smoothly with the support of Hanne Howard Fund. I attended Kinale High School, a good school in the Central Province of Kenya.

As high school kids, we attend different boarding schools throughout Kenya. We always long to meet at HHFL during the holidays to share our stories, experiences and pass our knowledge to our siblings at HHFL. Hanne Howard Fund makes our learning possible which is a mirror to our future and dreams. It is our greatest joy to share what we experience and learn from the different fields. We are more than happy for what you do for us.

In November 2013, 13 of us successfully graduated from high school. We have all been performing very well at school and are excited to receive our final exam grades in February.

I am excited to name all the graduates for you: Albanus Mbuvi (me), Sammy Dominic, Peter Maina, Mosses Kamau, Paul Sane, Hillary Kiendi, Moses Chege, Sharon Akinyi, Yvonne Awour, Magdalene Nzisa, Sharon Jerotich, Caroline Najore and Makau Muia.

Our final year experiences at our various high schools have been very empowering because we have been given the chance to lead and inspire our peers.  I was chosen to be a Library Captain, Peter was a Dining Hall Captain, Dominic was a Class Prefect, Paul Sane was a Games Captain, Yvonne was a Christian Union Official, Moses was the Assistant Dinning Hall Captain and Sharon was the Dorm Captain.

We feel that we were chosen as leaders because we understand the meaning of taking responsibility from our experiences teaching, tutoring, mentoring and helping the HHFL children and project over the years. This has been such a blessing and are grateful for all that we have learned as part of the HHFL family.

On behalf of all the graduates, thank you to everyone for helping our dreams come true. It is true that education and knowledge is the greatest gift we could ask for because it makes us stronger.

We feel more confident than ever to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead in our lives. The future feels brighter and a lot more hopeful.

With love from Albanus on behalf of the 2013 high school graduates

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