Cedric Spreads His Roots Deeper into Nursing

Cedric Spreads His Roots Deeper into Nursing

Written by Cedric, HHFL Almnus

I have a very fulfilling feeling about what I have been able to accomplish in my life so far. I want the absolute best for myself and those that I have left behind in HHFL. More often, I go above and beyond to help those around me succeed and be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

My life has been a mixture of moments – some happy and others not so much. Regardless though, these moments have made me the person that I am today and I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life.

I consider myself a strong, and a very determined person. I have many dreams to achieve in this world and I am willing to put in the necessary efforts to attain as much as possible. Through time, I have inherited my motivations from my family (HHFL); more specifically from Mother Hanne and Father Ted who never  gave up on any of us at the project. I have had difficult moments in my life; and instead of the difficult moments of discouraging me, these moments give me motivation and the necessary energy to move forward.

Just to give one example, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, I happened to lose my nursing job and instead of me just sitting at home i decided to use this time to further my studies. I had to join AMREF international University. This was only possible because I had kept a good discipline of saving some of my earnings.  I went for an advanced diploma in Critical Care Nursing.

At the start of my course at AMREF University, Mother Hanne, Father Ted and HHFL offered me a laptop which made my work easier during the online classes. This family has been of constant help to me even when I felt that I was all alone in this world and for this I shout a huge THANK YOU. I managed to pass my final and licensing exam to practice as a critical care nurse anywhere around the globe, and on the same year I also did two short courses i.e Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support under the American Heart Association. With the additional short courses, I am able to perform ideal resuscitation either in the field or in the hospital wards.

Caption: Cedric In work clothes

I have also managed to secure myself a job with Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS) under the Nairobi county government in Langata constituency. I have come to learn that we live in a world that is constantly changing and to succeed we need a smart plan. The ability to adapt and adjust to the changing world environment is also key, but more importantly one needs to prepare and  have self discipline. l have also learned that I am the architect of my own life, the artist of my own destiny.

Through work, commitment and determination and above all an unshakable will to resist difficulties when they happen has made me optimist but also realistic  in life. Every route taken or not taken will somehow impact our existence and leave a trail like a shooting star in the night sky, the beauty of the trail depends entirely on the nature of our actions in life. I am in love with whom I have come to be over the years.

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