Cappuccino anyone? John lands part-time job as Barista to help pay his way

Cappuccino anyone? John lands part-time job as Barista to help pay his way

Written by John Mutahi

I joined HHFL in 2009 and since then my life has changed. This was a priviledge that I have always acknowledged. HHFL has taught me many things that worked hand in hand in equipping me with life skills.

Through the assistance of HHFL, I was able to complete my high school education in 2012 with a grade that enabled me to pursue my dream career, graphic design. I am joining University in September to pursue a four year degree program in Design.

With Moyra Earnshaw’s guidance and support, I decided to go job hunting to help pay my way. In May, I landed a part-time job as a Barista at Nairobi Java House.

The job application was online and I applied not knowing that I would be lucky. I can say that through the skills that I have acquired at HHFL such as maintaining eye contact, projecting my voice and expressing myself well helped me in the interview. I passed the interview with confidence and I got the job! I was very happy because this is my first job.

I love working at the coffee house and am learning a lot. Java Nairobi House is training me to become a good Barista. I have learned how to make lattes and cappuccinos and I give people their caffeine fix; it is an awesome experience.

The experience is teaching me that it is possible to be self reliant at my age. I am saving the money I make to pay for my living expenses at University as well as help my family. It feels great to be able to contribute something back after all that has been invested in me.

Finally I can say that I could not have come this far without the support from the extended HHFL family. I am always proud to be a member of the HHFL family!

Please consider helping John achieve his dream and support his higher education. 


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