Surprise family reunion at the Thomas Barnardo Orphanage!

The 8-year old twin brothers, Tony and Bonni were overdue for a visit with their 3 teenage siblings, and this visit would be a surprise!!

Alice, Mercy and Kennedy hadn’t seen Tony and Bonni since last December (their last boarding school break). Our Sunday safari took Ted and I, the siblings and 2 other young men from the Project to the Thomas Barnardo Home. This orphanage is a 50 year old institution located near downtown Nairobi. It provides and cares for about 370 orphans.

Ted and I were really impressed not only with the staff we talked to but the whole setup.

This surprise reunion was touching (tears/hugs/ smiles and laughter). What a joy for us to see this young family together. We are reminded how important it is to keep this family and the other orphans who live in our project connected with people they love.

Meeting David was also inspirational. He is pictured above on the right with Jollyrose (an Auntie who cares for Tony and Bonni and the other kids at the orphanage). David came to Barnardo at age 3. Seventeen years later we met him at the reception desk on a Sunday afternoon. He is studying aeronautical engineering and working on aircraft engines part time at Wilson airport across the road. Barnardo supports these young adults in a hostel for a year (pays their rent) while they transition into the working world. David’s modest salary pays for his other needs while he finishes his schooling.

David spent time with our teenagers (pictured here) talking about his experiences, schooling and his thoughts about the real world they can expect to encounter when they finish school. Dismus, also pictured here, is one of our orphans who completes his welding courses this year and will need to find a position for further on the job training. We could see that the discussion with David gave them all some new insights and perspectives.

It was an Inspirational day for all of us.

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