2009 Kenya School Drama Festival

This festival is a yearly event in which all Schools from all over the country are encouraged to participate. It is a week long affair in March offering drama workshops for tutors and kids alike. This work shops are run by the best of the best and are always worthwhile to attend.

HHFL concurred that it was indeed a brilliant idea and agreed that I could attend the workshops and take our entire drama club, the HHFL PARROTS to the closing performance where the finalist enact their plays. Unfortunately, they were not able to attend the workshops due to conflict with their school schedule.

For the two days I attended alone I had the pleasure to watch brilliant plays with powerful messages, excellent narratives, fantastic verses and well choreographed dances. I got more and more excited and inspired. I could hardly wait for Saturday to come so I could take my drama club to witness these incredible performances.

That Saturday afternoon, the Parrots got the opportunity to watch a play by a boy’s school that was just out of this world, a very funny narrative by another school and an incredible dance performance (boys and girls) that received a standing ovation! We could hardly contain our excitement and the kids were overwhelmed as they never had witnessed anything like this.

Our troupe of 11 and I returned to Lenana regenerated, inspired and ready to take the community by storm with our new performances. We are all very busy writing and rehearsing our new plays which we hope to enact during the April holidays when all our boarders return home and we all spend a fantastic and amusing month together.

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