Spotlight on HHFL Alumni: Mike Bundi

Spotlight on HHFL Alumni: Mike Bundi

Written by Mike Bundi, HHFL alumni.

My sponsorship from Hanne Howard Fund supported me through primary school, high school and my college education.

I joined Kenya School of Monetary Studies in 2012 immediately after clearing high school. Joining this college was a dream come true to me. It is among the best colleges that are offering Banking and Finance studies in Kenya and is owned by the Central Bank of Kenya. I’d like to thank The First Group for helping me clear these studies.

I studied Banking and Finance for 2 years. The sponsorship I received offered me an overwhelming support that impacted and changed my life completely. Through this sponsorship I was able to clear college and then joined I&M Bank for internship through the help of HHF.

I got absorbed as an employee on probation straight after completing my internship in 2014. For the past two years, I have served as a Teller in one of the I&M branches at Wilson Airport, Nairobi and been promoted twice with increased responsibilities. I do normal receipts (depositing funds into customers’ accounts), normal payments (paying/cashing customers’ accounts), loading credit cards, prepaid cards and also forex services.

This past week I have been at the bank’s headquarters on training for fire and first aid. I am the chief Fire Marshall for my branch since all organizations have to comply with this directive from the government.

My private life has really changed. I live in one-bedroom house in Lenana; not very far from Hanne Howard Fund centre here in Nairobi. I am able to meet my day-to-day bills from the monthly salary that I get from my job.

When I look back at how far the sponsorship has taken me, I am full of gratitude knowing clearly that on my own I would be nowhere.

My very many thanks to Hanne Howard Fund for making me reach where I am.

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