Michelle Adhiambo

Michelle Adhiambo

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Birthdate: December 14, 2005

Grade 6 at St Nicholas Primary School

Michelle and her five siblings were abandoned by their mother in 2010. Her mother was terribly abused by her alcoholic and violent husband. Michelle’s two older brothers are being educated by HHFL and have left home and are independent. Michelle’s older sister is in boarding school while Michelle and her younger sister remain in the care of their father. He tries to be a caring father but his alcoholism comes in the way. This family belongs to the poorest of the poor in the slum structure.

Michelle is a very quiet, shy and withdrawn child. She loves playing with her friends in the yard and skipping rope. She is displaying a love for books and learning. The smaller classes and personalized attention at St. Nicholas Private Primary have been wonderful for this girl. Michelle is thriving and showing signs of great improvement.