Leonard Juma

2014 Feb-Leonard Juma

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Birthdate: May 13, 2000

Form 1 at Kangemi High School, Nairobi-Kenya

Leonard’s mother died of colon cancer in 2002 and his father died of unknown causes.  Leonard’s grandmother raised him and his two siblings including three grandchildren from another daughter who abandoned them.   Leonard’s brother and sister, Patricia and Elvis, are also enrolled in HHFL.  His grandmother is a very caring & loving woman who takes very good care of the children entrusted to her but they live in destitution. Due to her health, it is difficult for her to find work and she often resorts to begging.  She has a little plot were she grows vegetables to help feed the six grandchildren and sells what little she can.

Leonard is a very bright boy.  He excels at computers and spends all his free time in our computer lab searching and learning new applications.  He will not stop until he can master them.  He is a bit of a techie!  He is a very social chap who makes friends easily.  Leonard is a courageous boy who instills confidence and is very good at arts and crafts.  He does well in school and is a good athlete.  His switch to St. Nicholas Private primary school in 2013 has been immensely beneficial, not only academically but also personally.  He is slowly working himself into the top tier of his class.