Vincent’s Maasai Mara internship

Vincent’s Maasai Mara internship

Written by Vincent Peter, HHFL youth

I write this letter with lots of happiness and I would wish to share it with everyone.

Since the HHFL organized me to go to Maasai Mara for my internship I have learned many things which I cannot let them go off without sharing with everyone.

Peter Vincent, Asilia Africa

Peter Vincent, Asilia Africa








The first day to Rekero camp I was received warmly but because it was at night they promised to walk me around the following day with the help of Onesmus – HHFL’s photography teacher and tourist guide in the Mara.

The day that followed I was taken to the office where I was assigned my internship program. I started with the Mess area which included the welcoming of visitors, setting breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was able to cop up with the environment and the managers always appreciate what I was doing.

After finishing the mess I went to the rooms for three days and then went to the stores – a place where only the experienced people were doing. I surprised many because in few minutes I could do the work alone without be supervised or people complaining.

I will embark again in this experience when the high season for tourism in Kenya is on.

This is being a great learning experience for me and I would wish to say thank you very much for this opportunity, especially to the organizing committee.


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